Terms and Conditions 


Wrestling Megastore UK is an independent, online retailer in the UK specializing in, but not limited to, wrestling figures and merchandise.

Wrestling Megastore UK must receive full payment for the goods that the buyer orders before the order can be accepted. Upon receipt of payment, we will confirm that the order has been accepted by sending an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address provided to us via the purchase form. By accepting the order, a legally binding contract between buyer and seller is automatically created.


The price of goods, including shipping costs, are provided for each item on the website. Total cost of purchase can be viewed at checkout. 


a) All goods sold by Wrestling Megastore UK are listed as follows:

IN STOCK: Item is in our storage facility and ready to ship.

ON BACKORDER: Item is not currently in stock however confirmation from supplier has been received and items are in transit to the storage facility.

OUT OF STOCK: Item has been in stock and sold out, or is yet to become available. Stock/Restock of this item is not guaranteed.

b) Wrestling Megastore UK provide a safe, guaranteed platform to purchase goods. Any information provided will be private and secure. We do not allow buyer information to be accessed by any other party.

c) We reserve the right to remove any item for sale from the website. In the unlikely event that we unfortunately cannot fulfil an order, we will:

Offer a credit note to the value of the purchase; OR

Offer a full refund to the value of the purchase. 

d)  (i) Wrestling Megastore UK offer pre order deposits on certain products, allowing you to secure an item prior to it arriving in stock. The amount requested to secure an item can differ and will be clearly stated on the website beside each pre order listing. All pre order deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable as these deposits are used to secure stock from vendors and distributors. In some cases, the manufacturer may cancel production of an item and, in addition, distributors may lose the right to sell particular products at any time and without any warning. In both of these cases, the buyer would receive 100% of their pre order deposit.  

(ii) Once an item that has been pre ordered has become available to ship, a request will be sent to the email address provided to pay the remaining balance. Customers have 14 days to make payment. If payment is not received within 14 days of the initial email request, Wrestling Megastore UK reserve the right to cancel the pre order and in this instance, the deposit would not be eligible for refund or transfer.


a) Upon receipt of payment and order acceptance, the goods will be delivered to the address provided to us at checkout.
b) We aim to ship all orders within 48 hours or less of purchase. If not possible due to circumstances out with our control which include but not limited to; holidays, severe weather, global pandemics, medical and family emergencies, the buyer will be notified and the goods will be dispatched as soon as possible.
c) Once the buyer has received their items, the buyer becomes owner of the goods and therefore has full liability over those. Wrestling Megastore UK do not own liability of purchased goods once received by the buyer. The buyer will be liable for any loss/damage that occurs from this point. 

d) Wrestling Megastore UK work closely with the courier service to ensure that each order is sent with care and received promptly and safely. In rare instances, the courier may lose parcels which is out of our control. In this case, Wrestling Megastore UK have full liability and will look to resolve this unfortunate situation. In very rare instances, the courier will mark a parcel as ‘delivered’ but have either delivered to the wrong address or a mistake has occurred within their system. In this case, Wrestling Megastore UK have no liability. In this instance the buyer would need to dispute this with the courier in order to resolve the situation. 


Unless otherwise stated, our ‘in box’ products come directly from manufacturer shipping cases, with the figures being brand new and sealed within their packaging.

Wrestling Megastore UK pride itself on giving honest, detailed descriptions of each item with regards to the condition of each figure sold on the website. Figures that are new and sealed may have minor damage to the outer packaging and is not considered as damaged goods. In the case of packaging having ‘excessive damage’, the item description will detail this. Should you receive an item that is believed to have ‘excessive damage’ and was not described as such, the buyer has the right to a return/refund. 

In a small amount of cases, some items may arrive to us with minor damage which includes slight creasing and denting caused in transit. This does not constitute as item damage. The following issues will also not be classed as item damage: character error packaging, incorrect stickers and labels, text printing on the front or back, minor scuffs, dents, wear/tear on the outer packaging’s carding or blister bubble of an action figure. All orders are accepted on this basis and by placing an order the buyer accepts these terms. If the buyer wishes to return an item, or if the buyer feels the outer packaging is not satisfactory, we will happily refund the item upon receipt, however the buyer is liable to pay for any return shipping costs as we do not consider this item damage.

Wrestling Megastore UK was created by figure collectors, for figure collectors. We understand the importance of condition to buyers and will ensure that each item on our website has clear descriptions to make the shopping experience as easy as possible. 


a) Our shipping cost is non-refundable from any order placed. Exceptions include when the item is faulty or deemed to have excessive damage when not stated prior to purchase.
b) To receive a refund, we must receive the item(s) back in stock, in the same condition they were received in. If an item is bought brand new, it must be returned new and sealed i.e not opened in any way. Returns must be sent within 14 days of receiving the item(s).
c) All returned items are inspected by our team upon receipt, where the rights to a refund will be determined. 

d) All returns should be sent to the following address: Wrestling Megastore UK, 25 Hillpark Avenue, Paisley, Renfrewshire, PA2 6QJ


a) Should the goods that Wrestling Megastore UK deliver not be what the buyer ordered, are damaged, defective or the delivery quantity is incorrect, the buyer must notify Wrestling Megastore UK in writing within 14 days of receiving the order. In line with UK Distance Selling Regulations, the buyer may return those goods to us in their original condition within 14 days of the order for a full refund/exchange. The goods need to be returned in the same condition as received and with the invoice that was provided via email.
b) If the buyer does not receive the order within 14 working days of the date that the order was dispatched, the buyer must notify Wrestling Megastore UK in writing via e-mail and we will address the problem.
c) If we are notifies of a problem concerning this, we will either:

Send replacements for shortages or items not received; OR

Replace any items that are damaged upon return; OR

Refund the amount paid for the goods upon return.

d) Wrestling Megastore UK shall be under no liability for any indirect loss or expense (including loss of profit) arising out of a breach of its obligations. Buyer rights are not affected by this. 


Wrestling Megastore UK shall be under no liability for any issue caused due to any act of god, war, civil commotion, strike, lock-out, industrial action, fire, flood, drought, storm, global health pandemic or other event beyond its reasonable control.


Legally binding contracts between Wrestling Megastore UK and the buyer is in accordance with the rights of the buyer. 


Where purchase limits are set, it is agreed that the buyer does not exceed these limits when placing multiple orders.

Using separate e-mail addresses to bypass any placed limits under the same user is not allowed under the rules set by Wrestling Megastore UK. In this case we reserve the right to cancel orders should a limit be bypassed where it can be determined they are going to the same location and/or user.


Wrestling Megastore UK reserve the right to cancel any order at our discretion which may include security reasons, billing issues or anything else related.